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SONDRAGON l90ub sondragon laptop ac chargers - New

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  • Type:  
  • Capacity:  mAh
  • Volt:  V
  • Color:  
  • Dimensions:  mm
  • Weight:   0g

  • Original Price: US$ 95.24
    Factory Price: US$ 70.55


  • 90W 14.5-24V Universal Laptop Notebook PC Ultra-slim AC Adapter 12pcs(standard)+7pcs(optional) tips New Condition: Brand new, high quality.
    Warranty: Full one year
    1) Multi-tips(19 laptop jack sockets/tips) supporting a range of laptops
    2) Built in circuit protection. Please see the photograph for details of the parts we can supply with this unit.
    The Power Unit. It features worldwide use with input between 100 - 256v
    It comes with a power cable, which will be supplied according to the country.
    One USB port which also can supply the power for mobile phone and other device which can be charged by USB port.

    P/NO Output Voltage Fit For Models Tips Size
    M1 15V Toshiba 6.3*3.0mm
    M2 16V IBM/Lenovo 5.5*2.5mm
    M3 16V Sony/Fujitsu 6.5*4.4mm
    M4 18.5V HP/Compaq 4.8*1.7mm
    M5 19V Acer,Asus,Compaq,Delta,HP,
    M6 19V Samsung 5.0*3.0mm
    M7 19V Acer,Compaq,Delta,HP,Fujitsu,
    M8 19.5V Sony 6.5*4.4mm
    M9 19.5V Dell 7.4*5.0mm
    M10 20V Dell 3 holes
    M11 20V IBM/Lenovo 7.9*5.4mm
    M12 18.5V HP 7.4*5.0mm
    M4B 18.5V Compaq HP Bullet tip
    M13 24V Apple G4 Series 7.5*2.5mm
    M14 18.5V HP OVAL
    M15 19V ACER 5.5*1.7mm
    M16 16.5V Apple Macbook pro Magnet tip
    M17 18.5V Apple Macbook Pro Magnet tip
    M18 14.5V Apple Macbook Air Magnet tip
The sondragon laptop ac chargers is compatible with following part numbers:

The sondragon laptop ac chargers fits below models:

90W AC charger with one usb


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